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The 911 2.4


1973 911 T

In 1972 engine capacity was enlarged to 2341cc by using a longer stroke. The 911 2.4 benefited from the many improvements that had been made since the 1964 911. The 2.4 therefore is one of the best 'classical' 911's. The 2.4's were also very fast. The E developed 165 bhp, and the S 190 bhp, while these cars weighed only 1050 kg's.

The 1971 2.4 was also known as the E-series, the 1972 2.4 as F-series. The E-series had a very distinct feature. It had an oil tank between the right door and the wheel, and an an external flap, like the one for the gas filler on the left front fender, but this arrangement was discarded after this one year because people tended to put fuel in the oil tank by mistake--with disastrous results.

In this picture on the left the external flap for the oil tank is clearly visible.
New for the 2.4's was a small under-bumper "chin" spoiler, aiding high-speed stability as well as appearance was. The result of aerodynamic work by Porsche engineers, it reduced front-end lift by 40%.
In 1972 this spoiler was standard on the 'S' and optional on the 'E' and 'T'. The spoiler became so popular that it was included on all models after 1973 as this 1974 yellow 'T' on the top of this page.

Had all models in 1971 featured Fuchs wheels as standard, in 1972 and 1973 the 'T' got 5,5Jx15 steel wheels and only the 'S' had 6Jx15 Fuchs alloy wheels. In 1972 the 'E' got 6Jx15 steel wheels, but in 1973 a new 6Jx15 alloy wheel was introduced. This wheel was produced by ATS and was standard on the 'E'.