all the models from 1963 to 1998

The 911 2.7


1973  911 RS

A German 1973 911 RS 2.7 with black (?) striping. The driver is wearing matching clothes.

1973 911 RS

This green 1973 RS was delivered as a touring ( M472 option ). Green was 1973's production color.

1973 911 RS Sport

A 1973 911 RS Sport ( option M471 ) with red striping and wheels. This model had more power and was further enlightened with glassfiber-reinforced plastic parts.
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1973 RSR 3.0

The 1973 RSR 3.0 has polyester bumpers, wider wheels, the new spoiler and new 'black-look'. This car is equiped with a rollcage.

1974 line-up: yellow 'standard' Targa, a green 'S' and a red RS Carrera

This picture shows the 1974 model line-up: A yellow 'standard' Targa, a green 'S' with optional fog-lights, and a red RS Carrera.

the new bumpers for 1974

The new bumpers. While other manufacturers were designing the most hideous plastic blobs on their cars, Porsche came up with this elegant solution. ( no larger image available )