In this section of my site I gathered some links. I think there are a lot of 911 sites around that are not worth visiting, so I only tried to list the better ones.

Official Sites

Porsche USA
This is the official Porsche site. It's a really cool site with really beautiful pictures, and lots of information and features.

Porsche in the Netherlands
This is the official site for the Netherlands. It's a rather simple but nice page.

This design departement of Porsche also designs stuff like sunglases, watches, camera's and suitcases. This is their web-site.

Enthousiasts pages

Espen's Web Page of Porsche Automobiles
This site has a 'mediacenter', with pictures, news, links,video,- and audio-clips. It's a pitty it hasn't been updated since may 96. But it still is a really nice site.

Porsche 912 Registry
This site doesn't have a lot of graphics, it does have a lot of detailed info on the 912 however.

Ilja's page
Ilja also lives in the Netherlands. He has a site on the classic 911 he is working on. It has lot's of pictures and interesting stories. This site is defintively worth a visit!

Sebastian's Porsche Center
A site dedicated to the 996.

Jon's Porsche page
Nice site with a lot of different images. Jon also has reviews on some Porsche books.

Porsche Car Club of New South Wales, Australia
A really nice site! This site is also very interesting if you're not a member of the PCCNSW. This should be an example for all other Porsche Club-websites!

Michael Sherman's Web page of Porsche automobiles
Although the design of Michael Sherman's could do with some verbetering. the content is really complete and defintelu worth a visit.

Porsche Pictures
As the name suggest you'll find a lot pictures here. No text, just a lot of pictures.

Commercial Pages

The 'definitive mailing list and website for Porsche owners and enthousiast worldwide'.

My favorites:
Since it's update the official Porsche site has become a really great site. Lots and lots of info, pictures, downloads, tools, games and even some information on the older Porsche models.

Ilja's page
Ilja has a site on the classic 911 he is working on. It has lot's of pictures and interesting stories. He also has scan of the original brochure, and some articles from R&T about his car.
This site is defintively worth a visit!