Welcome to my site.

This site is dedicated to the more then 30 years of Porsche 911 history.
There aren't much cars around that have such a long and interesting history as the 911 does. On this site I try to visualise the evolution of the Porsche 911.
My site is divided into several sections.

In this section you will find a description and images of each model and it's history.

Image Gallery
Here you'll find all the images sorted by model. All of the images from the 'models' sections can be found here, but the image gallery also contains other images I didn't use in the 'Models'-section.

In this section I've tried to collect as much interesting Porsche links as possible.

Tech specs
Here you will find the basic specifications of most models.

About this site
Everything you might want to know about this site or about me.

I hope you enjoy my site!

Kevin Franke.